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Ft Pierce Haitian United Methodist Church has accomplished so much from the outreach programs we have started several years back. From a simple feeding program, our organization has blossomed into multi-levels of charity works:

Educational Programs
Literacy Enhancement ; Tuition Subsidy for Orphans; Collecting and Distributing Used Books / Mobile Library; Livelihood Training and Workshop; Giving away pens, bags, books and school supplies

Nutrition and Feeding Outreach
Feeding Program; Food Drive for the Homeless; Nutrition Education; Giving Away Used Clothing and Food distribution to desolate communities overseas

Medical Services
Mobile Clinic Services; Free Immunizations for Children; Free Minor Surgery and Outpatient Services; Training for CPR and First Aid; Delivering Donated Medical Supplies; Free Medical Check-Ups

Disaster Relief
Helping facilitate operations in Evacuation Sites; Distribution of Relief Goods to Calamity Areas; Organizing the Rebuilding of Villages or Communities; Housing Programs or Relocation Plans; Building Temporary Shelters; Emergency Planning with Local Communities

Spiritual Counseling
Religious Counseling; Visiting Recovering Addicts in Rehab Centers; Organizing Religious Missions to Rural Areas; Religious Camp for the Youth; Visiting Nursing Homes

We can also work with other local churches in these outreach programs. The more we can help, the better! Please contact Ft Pierce Haitian United Methodist Church by sending an online message.