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Teaching God’s youngest followers to walk the path of Christian Living; We start the religious education at an early age so that children will come to know our Lord as their friend, as their savior and as their guiding light. We expose them to charity works early on so that they may grow up to be generous, helpful and merciful individuals.
Emergency Contact
This ministry provides disaster relief and assistance for emergency situations involving domestic violence, calamities and other similar circumstances. We keep ourselves up to date with the news and local announcements in case there are natural disasters and social crises that we can provide assistance for.
The Evangelization Ministry is in charge of planning activities that spread God’s good message in various settings from individual homes, discipleship sessions and religious conferences. We invite other members to get their training from our Evangelization Ministry and learn how to educate non-believers about our Lord and His love for us.
The Finance ministry is in charge of managing the funds of our local church. These funds will be allocated to provide financial assistance for disaster victims, impoverished families and unemployed breadwinners due to economic strife.
Ladies Group
This ministry is composed of women who are united with the Love of the Lord. The ladies in this ministry will conduct outreach activities that benefit new mothers, abused women and single mothers who are facing challenges making ends meet for their children.
Ladies Nomination
The Ladies Nomination Ministry is a group of women from various age groups who plan activities to benefit other women in the community who are yet to hear God’s calling. This is a specialized arm in the Discipleship and Evangelization team that specifically designs programs and activities to attract spiritually deprived women to hear God’s call.
Lay Member Conference
The Ministry for Lady Member conference is in charge of organizing conferences, general assemblies and small council meetings to plan outreach programs and charity projects. We enact these programs in our local community and at times will also send off-shore missionaries to carry out our humanitarian works in third world countries.
The Membership Ministry is a group of adult men and women who focus on increasing the membership of Ft Pierce Haitian United Methodist Church. The goal of this ministry is to increase the yearly membership rate – which is a sign of the growing religious group in our community. We hope to raise the membership year after year and provide spiritual enlightenment to more people.
Men’s Group
The Men’s Ministry is a group composed of sons, fathers and brothers. They are united with God’s Love and cohesively conduct charity programs to promote welfare for other struggling male members in the community.
Missionary Team Member
The Missionary Ministry is in charge of organizing missionary trips for the youth, couple missions, medical missions and other overseas missionary work. These missions reach as close as our next door counties to as far as third world countries on the other side of the Globe. God’s Love reaches far and wide and His message is carried by the dedicated Missionaries from Ft Pierce Haitian United Methodist Church..
Our Music Ministry is in charge of planning the praise song list for Sunday services and in leading the congregation with spiritually enlightening songs. The Praise and Worship Team is also part of the Music Ministry. Singers are composed of men and women with the Gift of Song.
Sound System
This Ministry is a technical team that ensures the sound system being used during Sunday service and other religious functions are functioning properly. They also take charge of the maintenance of the equipment that is owned by Ft Pierce Haitian United Methodist Church..
The Stewardship Ministry is responsible for keeping the church clean and well-maintained to hold religious activities, functions, general assemblies, prayer meetings and occasional outreach programs for the local community.
Sunday School
The Sunday School Ministry is in charge of making plans for Sunday School lessons. They also facilitate activities for participants of all ages.
Team Adoration
The Team Adoration ministry will organize worship sessions, praise and prayer meetings and other similar activities that bring Glory to God’s name. They also plan programs and training for event organizers in an effort to make the adoration and praise activities continually successful.
The welcome ministry will greet Sunday service comers and ushers them to their seats in time for the service to start. They also take charge of preparing the service hall for religious activities before the Sabbath Celebration.
The Youth Ministry is a group of young people who have come to know and love the Lord at a very young age. Members of this ministry will facilitate outreach programs to provide support, counseling and evangelism to desolate orphans and young people in the community.