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Church and School

We make it our goal to spread His message and renew the faith of those who are spiritually lost and the best way to do this is to introduce God in Sunday school at church and in Religious Education subjects in school. Ft Pierce Haitian United Methodist Church is recognized as a faith-based group in Fort Pierce, Florida and has partnered with several churches and schools in the community.
Our activities and projects revolve around these community concerns and societal needs. Being a religious organization, we feel that it is our obligation to look out for the welfare of our brothers and sisters.

We also direct some of our community projects on social issues such as:

  • Improving Global Health: Our religious organization is currently coordinating with local schools and churches to enact nutrition education programs and campaigns
  • Ministering with the Poor: God’s message knows no financial standing; His message is clear to all people rich and poor. For those striving in their daily means of living, we offer counseling and guidance through our pastors and volunteers.
  • Developing Leaders: We guide our youth to become the leaders of tomorrow. We facilitate leadership training programs that center on Christian Living values.
  • Advocating for Justice: Many of our projects will directly benefit those individuals and families who have been denied justice due to lack of personal funds to defend their case.
  • Encourage Peace in the Community: We encourage Peace in the community and understanding cultural differences. We also encourage Strong Faith in the Lord who unites as all as one family.
  • Responding to Disaster: We facilitate housing programs or relocation plans for disaster-stricken communities. We also help in planning and rebuilding of communities and villages such as building temporary shelters or camps and setting up a help desk for victims assistance.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: We welcome interested volunteers to join us in our activities such as elderly home visits, faith camps for the youth, prison visits, rural area religious missions and hospice and elderly companionship.
  • Giving Opportunities: We invite private entities to make donations to charity works and advocacy groups that are initiated by Ft Pierce Haitian United Methodist Church.